Bushland increased thru Catchment
landholder support

The "Caring For Our Country" (CFOC) project is progressing well with almost all of the fencing and plants for revegetation allocated for the current round of funding.

August was a busy month with just on 10,000 native seedlings planted across the catchment covering an area of about 9.5 hectares. Leading up to Christmas, orders for seedlings have be made ready for planting around June 2013 - so if you need seedlings for next winter, contact Craig Carter on 9845 8537.

Fencing of new revegetation projects and remnant bush has resulted in 15 km of fencing allocated with many projects already completed. By June 2013 a total of 17.5 kilometres of fencing will have been completed over the duration of the project.

To date, a total of 20 land holders have participated and thanks to their involvement and commitment, the Torbay catchment bushland environment is improving with large areas of paddocks being transformed back to their native state and healthy remnant bush protected thus enhancing biodiversity values and fulfilling our mission statement.

The combination of revegetation projects and fencing of bushland has resulted in approximately 75 hectares of land protected. Torbay Catchment Group is endeavouring to get more CFOC funding for post June 2013 projects. Hopefully by March 2013 we will have a green light to continue this important conservation work.

(Story: Craig Carter Project Officer)

This project is funded through South Coast Natural Resource Management and the Federal Government's Caring For Our Country program.

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Fox Traps Available for Loan

Torbay Catchment Group's funding application to Red Card for the Red Fox Incentive Scheme has been successful! We will be purchasing five large fox traps to be loaned out to landholders. If you would like to register your interest in borrowing a trap, please phone 98446424 or email [email protected]

It's so easy ... cut out your membership form and post to: P O Box 1900 Albany WA 6330

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