The Torbay Rail Trail is an eight kilometre multi-use trail which links the two small rural town sites of Torbay and Elleker. It was developed and constructed as a joint venture between the Torbay Catchment Group and the Department of Environment and Conservation. The trail forms part of the much longer Munda Biddi Trail, an off-road cycle touring trail, which extends from Mundaring, near Perth, to Albany. The Munda Biddi Trail was completed in 2013 with the final Denmark to Albany section opened in mid 2012.

The Torbay Rail Trail has been designed for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. Where possible there are two parallel trails: one for walkers and cyclists; and one for horse riders. The surfaces on these two trails differ and are designed specifically for their users.

Trail etiquette

Who gives way to whom?

  • Show courtesy, all trail users have equal rights.
Tips for sharing
  • Stay on the appropriate trail surface for your mode of transport.
  • Greet other trail users, as friendly trail users make a lasting impression.
  • Be courteous and considerate to other trail users.
  • Horses are easily frightened. Cyclists and walkers call out well in advance.
  • Horses may seem daunting at close quarters. Horse riders approach and pass other users with caution.
  • Use the designated parking areas.
  • Observe local signs and regulations.
  • At trailheads, please dispose of manure in bins provided.
  • Dogs are permitted on a leash.
Tips for protecting the environment
  • Keep on the designated trails.
  • Do not interfere with native plants or animals.
  • Take your rubbish home with you.
  • Clean bikes, boots and horses hooves before and after your trip to minimise the risk of disease (especially dieback) spread.

Poison pea
  • The trail is designed for a slow to moderate pace.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear including hats and other sun protection.
  • Beware of snakes.
  • Poison pea (Gastrolobium sp.) grows along some sections of the trail. This native plant is extremely toxic if eaten so ensure animals do not graze. There is no antidote.

Trail practicalities

  • Elleker (the eastern end of the trail) is about 15 minutes from Albany via the Lower Denmark Road. Parking is available at the Hassell Street park, Elleker, or at the Torbay Hall, Hunwick Road South, Torbay.
  • The trail is about eight kilometres in length.
  • Access to water and toilets is currently only available at Elleker. There is also a shop in Elleker open seven days which sells food and drink.