Torbay Catchment Group

In recognition of the importance of the Torbay catchment to local residents and the people of the south coast for its fishing, farming, tourism and conservation values, the Torbay Catchment Group formed following interest generated at a community meeting at Elleker Hall in March 1999. The Torbay Catchment Group, in partnership with the Department of Environment, was successful in its application for funding through the National Rivers Consortium as one of two demonstration catchments in Australia. This became the Watershed Torbay project which commenced in 2001. More information on the Watershed Torbay project can be found on the Completed projects page.

The main goal of the Watershed Torbay project was to develop an understanding of catchment processes through research and community consultation, leading to the preparation of a whole of catchment management plan for the restoration of environmental health values, particularly for waterways and wetlands. This became the Watershed Torbay Restoration Plan which was completed in 2005. The Restoration Plan can be downloaded from the Resources page. Through the Watershed Torbay project the group’s vision and mission were agreed upon and are still values which guide the group. They are:

Our Vision:

An environmentally clean, balanced ecology supporting a prosperous community in which people respect each other's use of the catchment and waterways

Our Mission:

To promote sustainable land use and reduce nutrient loading of waterways, lakes and inlets. To encourage biodiversity and conservation of our natural environment with community involvement and understanding.

The National Riverprize

In 2006, following the launch of the Watershed Torbay Restoration Plan, the Torbay Catchment Group together with the Department of Water made a winning application for the National Riverprize. The restoration plan along with the data collected to compile this comprehensive document formed the basis of the application. This information along with the collaborative approach used to compile the restoration plan made for a stand-out application.

Strategic Plan

In recent times funding has become harder to obtain for small water-based catchment organisations in Western Australia, and staffing has been greatly reduced. So the time that is available needs to be efficiently used by both paid staff and volunteers. The Strategic Plan is designed to assist with this by guiding the group's day-to-day activities and ensure that the group remains viable over the long term. The plan sets out five main aims:

  1. Promote the aims and objectives of the Torbay Catchment Group
  2. Maintain long term viability of the Torbay Catchment Group
  3. Develop and implement the Torbay Catchment Restoration Plan
  4. Value, inform and involve a diverse membership
  5. Provide an effective support base for group operations
A full version of the Strategic Plan is available from the Resources page.

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee meets not less than six times a year to decide on matters associated with catchment business. Any catchment group member is welcome to attend these meetings to present any matter of concern or interest, or to gain a clearer understanding of current catchment group business. Look at the Events page to see when the next meeting is to be held.

2012/13 Executive Committee members:

Chair  Pip Tilbrook
Vice Chair John Blaney-Murphy
Secretary Wendy Coffey
Treasurer Graeme Heighton
Executive members Des Wolfe
Keith Smith
Phillip Marshall
Tania Scoles
Roger Hirley
Lex Langridge
Mandy Arnold

Project Officer
Craig Carter

The members of the executive are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting which is usually held in September. Members are encouraged to nominate for positions on the executive at the meeting.

Contact us:

Post:  PO Box 1900, Albany, Western Australia  6331