The Torbay Catchment Group can assist landholders to undertake works on their properties. The normal method for doing this is through grants. The type of assistance provided through grants varies from time to time. Examples of the types of activities for which grants may be available include weed control, feral animal control, fencing, revegetation and soil sampling.

Current grants on offer:

The Torbay Catchment Group currently has funds to assist you with fencing and revegetation. For example:

  • shelterbelts
  • remnant bushland
  • wetlands
  • creek lines
  • drainage lines
Do you want to cut down prevailing winds, protect your stock and improve production?
Do you want to fence a creek line or drainage line, prevent pugging, erosion or contamination?
Do you want to protect your bushland and improve biodiversity?
Do you want to create wildlife habitat to allow birds and other animals to move around your property more easily?

Make any of these property improvements and get paid for it!

Current funding rates are:

Fencing:   $2,400 / kilometre
Revegetation:   $540 / hectare
Other assistance may be available upon request

Please the Torbay Catchment Group or phone the project officer (9845 8537) for assistance or you can download an application form.

For help with revegetation methods, the plants to use, weed contol, etc. or the conservation of bushland and waterways, look at the Resources page or contact the Torbay Catchment Group.